Your Road Map

Experience with a wide variety of patients has convinced me that everyone can “afford” excellent oral health. What is necessary is a logical sequencing of care…a “road map” to reach your objectives. You can then proceed at your own pace. This sequencing is the same regardless of how much treatment is needed or how quickly you want it completed.

Everyone has a different set of expectations from dental care. The key is your plan. Some people never move to optimal care and face various uncertainties throughout their lifetime. Some people want the finest care possible immediately. And there are those who do a little at a time until, perhaps years later, they can be considered optimally healthy.


Essentially this is the elimination of acute pain. It is difficult to focus on anything other than an immediate health concern or source of pain. We need to put these “fires out” first before discussing any other treatment.

STEP 2: BASIC CARE (Preparing the foundation)

This phase returns your mouth to a relatively stable situation. Control of decay, elimination of chronic infections of the gums and teeth and resolution of questionable situations (replacement of deteriorating fillings) that will eventually lead to problems.

We are laying a solid foundation for stable, predictable and comfortable future care. Once this portion is completed, a “holding program” can be in effect. You can be in such a “maintenance” program, but may still require significant dental care in the future.

We do have a solid foundation that allows us to move effectively to the next step if followed through in a timely sequence. If delayed, it may be necessary to “back track” somewhat. The key to being cost effective is to keep “chipping away” until ideal health is achieved.


I define Definitive Dental Care as the treatment that, once completed, has the least chance of ever needing to be done again. It encompasses the finest restorative dental care possible to place the strongest, longest lasting materials, in the best possible bite relationship while maximizing gum health and cosmetics.

Once competed, one has the peace of mind in knowing little, if any, dental care is needed for the foreseeable future.

CONTINUING CARE (Supportive Maintenance)

Professional “check-ups” are necessary throughout your lifetime, but this obviously easier when you are in optimal health. The “cheapest” insurance for anyone is consistent professional care.

Once you have determined your goal, we can work towards it together in a manner and time frame that meets your specific needs and desires.