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We are always happy to have new patients in our practice.

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We are always happy to have new patients in our practice. We realize that the relationship you have with your healthcare provider is a deeply personal choice. To this end, should you wish to discuss becoming a patient of this office, please call our friendly Dental Receptionists (905-648-4881) with any questions you may need answered.

The First Appointment

Our first visit together is an information gathering experience and a time for you and our team to discuss your dental health goals and concerns. During this time we will:

• Review your medical and dental history
• Discuss any specific concerns you have with your mouth
• Examine your mouth, head and neck for signs of abnormal tissue, cancers or disease
• Take any necessary radiographs
• Document the restorations in your teeth
• Identify decay and failing restorations
• Check for signs of infected teeth
• Determine your periodontal health (gum and bone health)
• Check the health of your TMJ (jaw joint) and jaw muscles
• Study your bite or “how your teeth fit together”
• Evaluate your teeth for abnormal wear.

For many patients, we will discuss at this time what we have discovered, what options for treatment exist, costs and timelines for such treatment and answer any questions you may have at the time. For some patients with more complex situations, we may elect to book a second appointment to discuss the results and options after Dr. Smillie has had some time to consider your unique situation.

For all patients, Dr. Smillie will co-develop a blue print or “Roadmap” for your treatment. This will establish a logical sequence of steps to obtaining good oral health. For more on this see our “Your Road Map” section.

Subsequent Appointments

Once your personalized plan has been developed, a number of appointments will be set out to complete that plan based on the timeframe we have agreed upon. This could be as few as one appointment to scale (professionally clean) your teeth or numerous appointments for a complex plan that may occur over weeks, months or even years. It all depends on your individual situation.


It would be helpful if you could print out the health questionnaire form and the insurance form, fill them in and bring them to your initial appointment. This serves to streamline the process to make it as efficient as possible to minimize the affects on your time and schedule.

Health Questionaire Form

Insurance Information Form