Dry Mouth Program

Dry mouth occurs when saliva glands in the mouth are not working properly. Common causes include anxiety, stress, certain medications, radiation and/or chemotherapy, and certain health conditions, including the autoimmune disease Sjogrens syndrome or HIV/AIDS, smoking and some recreational drugs (i.e. methamphetamine, ecstasy etc.) use.

1) lack of saliva flow

2) burning mouth and lips

3) feeling of sharpness/roughness in mouth

4) altered taste

5) dental decay increased

6) increased bleeding of gums

7) difficulty swallowing

8) sleep disrupted due to dryness of mouth

9) speech affected (smacking sounds as tongue sticks to palate)

10) Throat, lips, corners of mouth & tongue become dry

11) Thick saliva

12) Bad breath

We have developed a dry mouth program to help identify if you have dry mouth and which factors may be contributing to it. After which, we will discuss methods, habits and products to best manage it.